V60 Pour Over

Experience the intricate flavours and aromas of some of the best single origin coffees grown across the globe with a V60 hand-poured by us.

Unsure what to choose?

Whether you prefer a fruity sweetness or a creamy chocolate flavour, we've got you covered. Chat to our baristas and let us help you.

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  • Nyeri Microlot

    For your next filter brew, experience this Nyeri Microlot coffee. Through a washed process, it boasts Batian, SL28, SL34, and Ruiru 11 varietals. Take in the harmonious flavours of caramel, raspberry, and nectarine with each sip.

  • Ichuga - Nyeri

    Washed and thoughtfully roasted, it features a blend of SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, and Batian varietals. Savour the delightful notes of cranberry, dark chocolate, and lime in every sip.

  • Hadeso - Guji

    Delight in Ethiopia's Hadeso - Guji coffee. Processed through the washed method and featuring the Kurume and Wolisho varietals, it brings a blend of nectarine, red apple, and dark chocolate notes.

  • Ayla - Sidama

    Explore Ethiopia's Ayla - Sidama coffee. With a natural process and featuring 74112 and 74110 JARC Varieties, it brings forth a blend of guava, blueberry, and milk chocolate flavours.

  • Norbey Quimbayo

    Experience Colombia's Norbey Quimbayo - La Esmeralda coffee. With a washed process and featuring the Pink Bourbon varietal, it delivers a blend of guava, stone fruit, and chocolate notes.

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